Ledsign bases

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Ledsign bases

Post by TATH »

If you asked me a few years ago if i am going tom make these kind of things then I would answer "no".

A few college's from the firebrigade leaving the force and the asked me if i can make somethings (cheap!).

I made a few designs of a wooden base "different sizes" 180, 230 and 400mm
I made them from:
- 2 layers of 18mm oak );
- one layer 2mm black acrylic;
- one layer 8mm clear casted acrylic;
- one cheap chinese ledstrip;
- m3 x 30 hex stainlessteel screws;
- 3mm brass thread inserts.

I used Aspire for:
- pocketing the large sections (with 6mm single fluid);
- pocketing the screw holes (3.175x2x12 1fl);
- contour of the bottom panel also with (3.175x2x12 1fl);
- engraving the logo's (TS_mods) and the Veteran logo (V) with a 3.175 engraving bit 30 degree 0.18mm

For making the toolpaths i am using aspire.
For making the drawing i use AutoCAD.
For machining software i use Eding cnc
For postprocessor i use usbcncn.mm

It took me 3 years doing about 50 extra 24 hour shift to buy me the parts for my cnc router and 1 year to buy the Aspire vectre.
Ha ha i must say it is worth avery buck i spent on it.

The base routed from a 18mm oak panel.


A larger base. 400mm


After pushing in the brass inserts (m3) and making the bottom panel i can bold the parts together and sand it.

After sending i take the base appart and mount the ledstrip inside.
I use a strong ds tape for that and use two strips of led next to each other.
After testing i mount the parts back together.


Som people like teak color then i color the wood teak and put after it dries a layer of floor wax over it to make it shine.

Because i just start uploading pictures here i just place a few samples of things that i made.

Som small panels that i made before.

For a diver i made a CAD drawing from a picture that i found on the internet.
This drawing i engraved with a 3.175 engraving bit 30 degrees 0,15mm
Mounted on a 73mm wooden base that i also made.


Also a gift for a college was made With Aspire.
Most of it made by engraving.
Hust the contour i did with 2d with 3.175x2x12 1fl


I hope you like it like i do.

Todd D
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Re: Ledsign bases

Post by Todd D »

nice Job, I like to make these too and the bases are a lot more challenging than the signs

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Re: Ledsign bases

Post by Charlie_l »

Very nice looking, clean look. I appreciate the extra information provided.
Aspire, CAMaster Stinger II

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Re: Ledsign bases

Post by Rcnewcomb »

- Randall Newcomb
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another good day in the shop

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Re: Ledsign bases

Post by rtibbs »

+1 to what Randall said
Unless it was a derogatory comment. :mrgreen:

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