Resin Table

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Resin Table

Post by chemstock »

Made a small dining table out of hickory that used pocket and profile toolpaths to create a flower scene.
Each color needed a separate pocket and profile pass. Resin was placed while the work was on the CNC table so I didn't lose the 0,0. After the resin was all placed, I used the CNC to create a spoil pass to plane the resin back to the tabletop level.
Hickory table.jpg

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Re: Resin Table

Post by highpockets »

Beautiful project!

Thanks for sharing....
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Re: Resin Table

Post by mtylerfl »

Hi Chris,

Beautiful job! I’m enjoying the photos of your other inlay/resin projects you posted, too!
Michael Tyler

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Re: Resin Table

Post by scotttarnor »

This is awesome!
Scott T

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Re: Resin Table

Post by gkas »

Really nice. Looks fantastic.

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Re: Resin Table

Post by scottp55 »

Beautiful Large piece C. !!
My hat's off to you on these resin projects!
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Re: Resin Table

Post by Phil »

Beautiful. :)


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Re: Resin Table

Post by jmkissell »

Great Job, I really like it.

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Re: Resin Table

Post by tajohns »

Super job! Looks awesome.

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