Making your loved ones face in Aspire.

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Making your loved ones face in Aspire.

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There is free software that will help you make a 3d face of your picture. It is called Faceworx from looxis. You need two well illuminated pictures; one from the front (mugshot style) and one from the side. The software demands some skills in placing reference points and marking the contours of the face; mouth, nose, ears and eyes. The final 3D portrait can be saved and exported in the well known OBJ format.
After that you can import it into Aspire and do some sculpting. It is a lot of fun to play with. Give it a try, go to then click on downloads.
It does bring in a large model of the head in Aspire but you adjust the size to fit your model. Have fun.

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Re: Making your loved ones face in Aspire.

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The software has interesting possibilities.

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