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This section is for useful tips and tricks for Aspire
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This Might Be Useful

Post by TReischl »

I have been playing with doing sweeps. Of course we all love those sculpting tools, nice for getting rid of the rough edges on stuff. But!

If you add small radii on your profile you can save yourself some smoothing, and it will be very consistent. I didn't see this anywhere in the tutorials or in the docs, so if it is there, someone can beat me over the head. It won't hurt anyhow.

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Re: This Might Be Useful

Post by calgrdnr »

Thanks Ted,

I was thinking the other day it would be great to get a bunch of sweep contours ( Is this what you call them?)
and get them made into a font file, like someone did for the dinosuar puzzles , or wingding type. Just a thought if we can get alot of contours.

Okay the real reason is I'm lazy, so want to have a set from you experts :lol:

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