Help.... node editing...

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Help.... node editing...

Post by RoutnAbout »

Instead of using the trace feature, I use polyline to manually trace the features of picture to create components in Aspire.
I've always used the node editing tool features, and I love the way I can zoom in and out with the wheel on my mouse.....
But is there away to remap the buttons (left, right, wheel click button) to 3 of the 5 node features in the context menu?
Or possible another type of mouse,pointing device that will allow me to do this?
Am wondering what others have thought about this....or are using..
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Re: Help.... node editing...

Post by Adrian »

If you've got a Logitech mouse then you can do that using the SetPoint software that comes with it (or download from Logitech).

Otherwise I've done similiar things with other programs using a free scripting tool called AutoIt. I expect there are others.

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Re: Help.... node editing...

Post by Thkoutsidthebox »

Hey, thanks! I'm downloading set point now. Sounds like great functionality to have available. :D

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