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Ceramic tile, drag bit, post processing question

Posted: Mon Feb 06, 2023 9:45 pm
by Lutraphobia

I am rather new to all of this. I've been experimenting for some time in different mediums.

I had some large 24x24x1.5" ceramic tile left over from a patio project. They are super hard.

I am using a diamond drag bit from Carbide 3D (120 degree MC Etcher) to put a design on the tile.

I am using about 500mm/m feed rate with a depth / pressure of .381. I've even tightened up the spring screw on the back to where it takes "moderate" pressure to depress the drag bit with one finger. I can see it's making great contact with the tile but it's barely scratching the surface.

It's not deep and I am OK with that - my question is, does anyone have a process to make the etching stand out? I am thinking a paint wash or something like that. Maybe there is a wipe on/off product that stays in the grooves but is easy to wipe off the main part of the tile? Maybe even a light wet sand or something?

I am happy to post pics, etc if that helps anyone help me come up with a solution. :)

Thanks in advance!