Tool bit for 3D in Aspire

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Tool bit for 3D in Aspire

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I have been playing around with Aspire for some days now and i like it :D
My problem is that i ordered the wrong tool for the 3D work :shock:
So I have been wating for days now for the mailman to bring me the right 1/8" ballnose endmill :lol: so I can get my ideas into the wood :idea:

While waiting I have been playing around with different home cooked alternatives :mrgreen:

So I was thinking that maybe there was other in need of a useable tool for 3D work?

I simply rounded the tip on a 90 degree V-Tool bit with my electric grinder and sharpened it with my diamand hand tool

On the pictures you see a test where i cut the horse. It's 5mm deep and i cut it with 5% overlap
What you see on the pictures is before any sanding :D
90 Deg bit.JPG
Horse 1.JPG
Horse 2.JPG

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Re: Tool bit for 3D in Aspire

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