Jack Lift Platform—Need help to build

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Jack Lift Platform—Need help to build

Post by JoniEl »

This construction is for the purpose of lifting logs, scuptures, & other objects up through the bottom of my CNC to machine with Toolpaths made in Aspire. I can’t afford to buy a lift jack or table jack, so I’m trying to make one from a scissors jack I already own, the connection option on the jack to probably a 2x12x12 plank is unusual, tricky, and awkward. Here are two images of the jack’s required connecting “ziggurat” shape that I need to make a hole for:
Figure 1
Figure 2 from the side:
I don’t know if Aspire’s 2D tools can construct such a shape. It would be nice if it can, but since I don’t know how, I started with this 3D build, but don’t know how to do more—even to the point of getting the slope down to the .2” base that the “ziggurat” sits on.

2 components from Create 3D shape:
Model start for Lift Jack Support.jpg
This approach—once I get the sloped part against the rectangular base (changing base height isn’t so far getting me what I want)—would make for a lot of sanding off of the 4 or 5 slopes, and doesn’t make a promise for accuracy.
One I get the correct shape, I’m assuming I can put these into Subtract-Combine into the 2” model material and cut the hole out of the plank to allow it to sit on the jack snugly. Then I can drill a hole to run a bolt up through, and secure with a nut below the top surface.

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Re: Jack Lift Platform—Need help to build

Post by mtylerfl »

Looks like a two-rail sweep model candidate. Draw the cross section profile and sweep that between a couple appropriately spaced straight line vectors.
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