Importing and aligning 2-sided models and vectors

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Importing and aligning 2-sided models and vectors

Post by rowka »

I'm doing design work in Rhino and importing into Aspire 9.5 for tool-pathing. I export the vectors as dwg and import into Aspire. Get them all aligned with the center-line of the work piece dimensions. Then I import the 3D portion as a native Rhino as a two-sided model.
Problem is I can't get the vectors and models to import automatically aligned (with each other in general, and with the center line in particular) and have to manually adjust.

Now, the bigger problem. When aligning the model to the vectors, the whole model doesn't move as one piece. The top moves, or the bottom moves. It's real easy to get the two side slightly misaligned (or rather, it's real difficult to get the two sides properly aligned).

Am I missing something? Can I move the whole model as a single unit?

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Re: Importing and aligning 2-sided models and vectors

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Once you import the model, it's going to alien itself on both sides, so I'm not sure why you want to move it. Instead of importing the vectors, create a vector boundary hitting the icon in the modeling side. If you need to move the model, create the boundary, then copy the vector to other side. Then use the Center item icon on the drawing side.

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