Aspire V9 Tutorials

This section is for useful tips and tricks for Aspire
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Aspire V9 Tutorials

Post by Rickbw123 »

After downloading the tutorial .exe file, I run the file and it appears to download to my software V9 (video and crv file), but what is the process for opening the crv file after it is downloaded?

When I click on "help" and video tutorial; browser, the video will open, but how do I get to the crv file?


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Re: Aspire V9 Tutorials

Post by Adrian »

You open it the same way you would one of your own files via the File menu and the Open option or clicking the icon of the same name.

The tutorial files install into the Vectric Files folder of Public Documents.

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Re: Aspire V9 Tutorials

Post by martin54 »

I don't actually view the tutorials through the software, there was a problem with using Chrome at one point & don't know if it has been resolved, so there might be an easier way but the .crv files are in a folder for the particular tutorial you are watching so you can navigate to them, they are under users, public, public documents, vectric files, tutorial files & then what ever version of vcarve you are using, you will see all the tutorials listed, open the tutorial folder & there should be a folder in there with the crv files in :lol: :lol:

Haha Adrian beat me to it but after typing that I wasn't going to delete it :lol: :lol: :lol:

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