laser coolant

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laser coolant

Post by stanv77 »

I just purchased a 80watt laser so I am new to the laser world. Can someone tell me if it is safe to put an anti-freeze in the water
for the chiller? Winter is coming.

Pete Cyr
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Re: laser coolant

Post by Pete Cyr »

Do not use anti freeze.
Either drain the water or put a heater in the water (aquarium heater) to maintain temp.
I would also recommend putting a block heater in the laser to keep it and the glass tube above freezing.

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Re: laser coolant

Post by garylmast »

I have a 400-watt laser that I got last Christmas. Mine requires a chiller rather than a cooler, so I ask the manufacture the same question. Automotive anti-freeze will not cause any problems, at least for my machine. Gary

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Re: laser coolant

Post by fixtureman »

I have been using the pink RV antifreeze in mine for 4 years now

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