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Happy Tax Time to all,
I am having a problem with my fonts in Aspire. When I look at the font in Windows Word, it looks great. When use the same font in Aspire, I have to go in and edit it. These are all font that came with my Microsoft package. Downloading new fonts free from the internet isn’t any better. Should I be getting them from a reputable .com? I feel I should be able to type in the word for my project and go to tooling rather than spending all my time editing fonts. Any tips?

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Re: Fonts

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Can you post some images of what you are seeing in Word, what you are seeing in Aspire, and highlight the areas that are of concern?

Another thought. You can create you design in Word and save it as a PDF. You can then import the PDF file into Aspire.
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Re: Fonts

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As Randall has said can you post some examples of the problems you are having, is it with all fonts or a particular category such as scripted fonts? There are a lot of fonts which will print perfectly well but will not machine or cut well due to loops or cross overs. That is one of the reasons why the top end sign programs use their own fonts as well as being able to work with tt fonts.
If you were to buy fonts from somewhere like letterheads then you shouldn't have to do any editing as they are optimised for signmaking but fonts created for printing could still cause you problems.

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