A different way to do a two rail sweep

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A different way to do a two rail sweep

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I've decided to share a few videos I have made over the years. Hopefully they will give someone some ideas.

Here's are a couple of videos I did about a year ago. I used a two rail sweep to create a bowl.
It started as one video and was so long I decided to split it into two parts.

In the first part, I worked out my cross section.

In the second part, I did my two rail sweep.
Mike Queen
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Re: A different way to do a two rail sweep

Post by TReischl »


I am curious, do you see any advantage to doing it the way you show in the video?
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Re: A different way to do a two rail sweep

Post by Mike-S »

You can get the same result with two semi-circles touching at 0 and 180. The way you did it (full circles), it would be logical for the resulting model to be twice as thick as the third rail's geometry since it passes over itself a second time as it goes passed 180 and around to 360 deg. Vectric must have coded so as to prevent the additional Z height in cases like this.
Still, it's an interesting approach.

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