edge treatment for polycarbonate

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edge treatment for polycarbonate

Post by revwarguy »

I know there has been lots written here on doing edge lighting, which is usually acrylic.

However, I am cutting polycarbonate (Lexan) and I need a way to easily polish up the edges. (I am not doing the edge lighting thing, I just need to make the edges nice.) I've tried several colors (grade) of polishing compound on a buffing wheel, but they either seem to melt it or do nothing.

Anyone know of a way to polish the edges (I am cutting 1/8 and 3/8 sheet) of polycarbonate efficiently?

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Re: edge treatment for polycarbonate

Post by Adrian »

I cut Lexan for race car windows and I use MEK impregnated wipes to finish off the edges.

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Re: edge treatment for polycarbonate

Post by glenninvb »

Flame polishing and buffing do not work well for polycarbonate, I've read chemical polishing is a standard practice.
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