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I have had request for cutting individual letters out of mdo plywood do any of u folks know of a particular block type font that is best suited for this the lettering will be 6 in. tall and 1 in. thick, customer will paint. should i be looking to buy more professional font file?? this is going in hi traffic mall/ shopping area so i want to impress.

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Re: fonts

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Wayfinding was developed for making traffic signs so they could be read without mistake. Not fancy, but very practical.
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Re: fonts

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Check out Letter Head Fonts: ->Link
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Re: fonts

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As Randall has already said you wont go far wrong with a letterheads font & the other advantage of actually buying fonts is it makes it more difficult for anyone copying your work.
With any job for a shop front I photograph the shop, scale the photo up to correct size & then place the letters on at the requested size to ensure they fit OK. Some people forget that the length increases as the letters get bigger :lol:
How are you going to fit the letters & how are you going to ensure they are aligned & spaced correctly? As a signmaker I make a paper template on the plotter which makes it really easy.

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Re: fonts

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I have found a very use full web page for adding fonts.

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Re: fonts

Post by SawdustandSmoke »

I like to go to a place called dafont, best thing about it is that you can type in whatever you want in the preview box.

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Re: fonts

Post by champawm »

I would like to know with-in a paragraph, is it possible to change a single word font, to high lite that word? If so how do I do so???

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Re: fonts

Post by Adrian »

You would have to do it as separate text items (one before the word, the word itself and one for after) as a text block is the same font throughout.

If you just wanted the word bolder you could convert the text block to curves and then use the offset tool to make the letters in the word bigger.

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