Modeling in Aspire

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Modeling in Aspire

Post by oldlogtrucker »

I am trying to get a flat surface on two names stacked one on top of the other, In other words I am trying to make a plaque with the last name on the board and the first name raised a bit above the last name, but I want the surfaces of the names to be flat. So far I have had no luck. Anyone out there in "WOODCHIPLAND" have any suggestions?
Thanks Kathy
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Re: Modeling in Aspire

Post by scottp55 »

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Re: Modeling in Aspire

Post by FixitMike »

The same instructions in fewer words:

Copy both names to a new layer. Close all but that layer. Convert the text to curves. Select all, deselect any interior holes such as in the letter O, and use the Weld Selected Vectors tool. Undo (Control Z) if the first attempt is not successful.

First toolpath: Cut the higher text to the lesser depth.
Second toolpath: Cut the welded text to the deeper depth.
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Re: Modeling in Aspire

Post by Leo »

I was just thinking also.

You could do the lower text completely

Then make the upper text separately in a separate piece of material.

Then make a shallow pocket in the first piece

Then glue in the top text.
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Re: Modeling in Aspire

Post by cac67 »

Or you can select the bottom name and use create shape from vectors, then select the top name and do the same but use a base height the same as the total height of the bottom. Set to merge and carve with a 3d tool path. Not as quick to cut as some other methods but simple enough to model.

If there were no other 3d elements I would use a pocket tool path for this. If you're trying to incorporate the names into another 3d element do it as above.

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