cutting speed enquiry

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cutting speed enquiry

Post by marbles »


i'm cutting some designs 2mm deep in 6mm plywood using an R1 mill.
I have a homemade cnc running Mach3 optimised for carving foam.

My enquiry is, using the profile setting I find that the machine is running too fast, ie the rate at which it passes through the material is too quick. None linear curves are ok but straight lines and corners are too fast.

I've varied parameters in the g-code calculator but this has not been successful. How do I slow its cut speed?


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Re: cutting speed enquiry

Post by Adrian »

You have to adjust the feed rate for the tool in the Tool Database or by setting it directly using the Edit button within a pre-existing toolpath.

If you find it slows down too much on curves and tight sections then you will need to adjust settings within Mach3 to compensate for that. I don't use Mach3 so I don't know what the equivalents would be.

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Re: cutting speed enquiry

Post by martin54 »

If you are running mach3 then you should be able to set up profiles for individual machines, rather than use the same mach3 settings for your other machine make up a new profile for the R1 mill & tune that machine in mach3 same way you tuned your other machine.

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