3d art alignment

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3d art alignment

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offset placement border.png
Even though computers seem smart at times, sometimes the human eye and brain work better, after-all humans developed the computer too! :roll:

No matter what settings you use or as with non-spiral wrapped objects nesting doesn't always work or do the best job.

There are at least a couple of methods to nest stuff yourself to achieve your desired result.

1. As shown above, add an offset border outside the dish border at 1/2 of the desired spacing between objects (as long as the spacing is greater than the bit diameter) then Group Object. Move the objects until the offset alignment borders touch. Once the objects are aligned Ungroup Object and delete the offset alignment border.

NOTE: For a tight fit offset the border to the radius of the bit + a small amount such as 0.0025" to make certain the bit will cut between the objects.

2. If you have a lot of objects, move the offset to a new layer; with the offset alignment border layer active Group Object. Once the alignment is complete, select all the objects, Ungroup Object and switch off the alignment offset border layer before creating the toolpath(s).

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