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Aspire Tip

Post by pyrodenis »

I'm new to Aspire, but used it successfully to create 3d carving, with time climbing the learning curve. Need some direction on my next challenge; a complex burl to bowl. I'm working on the outside first. I'm probing it in sections and will import the dxf files, to assemble into a model. I have to remove about an inch of material, to get past the sapwood and reveal the good stuff.
Are there suggestions on an approach? Is there an easy way to make the model smaller, without losing the shape?
One thought, is to split the components, scale them down in x and y, and then create new components to fill in the gaps, then smooth.
The other thought, is the learn how to make complex shapes with the extrude and sweep tools.
Any, tips?
Thnx for your time.

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Re: Aspire Tip

Post by Rcnewcomb »

Run your tests in foam. Watch carefully and make adjustments.

Photos of the burl would be helpful for further guidance.
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