Calculate wood used

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Calculate wood used

Post by nambass »

Is there a way I can use Aspire for nesting (mostly makecnc models) and calculate the quantity of wood needed as well as my direct costs. I am trying to determine my selling price.

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Re: Calculate wood used

Post by Adrian »

Depends on how accurate you want to be. You can use the Measure tool with the Span/Counter Properties set to get the area of a particular vector.

However for most nested jobs that's overkill. If you have a 1200mm x 1200mm sheet and you nest properly to use 400mm x 1000mm of it then the material inside that area that isn't used for parts is going to be waste so you just price on how many parts fit in that area rather than the area of the parts.

Hope that makes sense! It's the way I price all my work and once you've got nesting cracked it's easy to create a spreadsheet that will let you price pretty much anything in seconds.

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