max file size for aspire

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max file size for aspire

Post by stankern »

I downloaded an aztec calendar from the net , a *.dxf file about 8000k,wheni loaded it into aspire 4.0 it took forever as it turned out to ne 146 x146 in
I then shrunk it down to 16in x 16 in and it took awhile again but finally did come through.This was a complex diagram .There were open vectors etc,i cleaned it up ran it through corel to reduce the nodes placed it back into aspire sized it and exported it as a*.dxf for the laser
and at this time i save it as an aspire file ,which took very long and twice i had to stop it .
It created between 100k or 150k file ,is there a limit does anyone know .Maybe i was getting close
i finally got results but it took awhile

lasering an aztec calendar

i use aspire 4.0 for both my machines and i am always learning

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Re: max file size for aspire

Post by PaulRowntree »

That laser gives wonderful detail Stan! My dxf file is much larger ... not sure why, but the VCP file is ~23 MB. The eyes on your version are very spooky.

There is something poetic about making a Sun Stone using the light of an intense laser that outshines the sun. The Aztecs would have been very pleased.
Paul Rowntree
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Re: max file size for aspire

Post by CarveOne »

My 48" Celtic weave coat rack is a 63.5 Mb .crv file. It takes a few minutes to calculate but it does so predictably. It takes a few minutes to draw the simulation image also.

There is no reason for the Aztec Calendar file to be so large unless it has an unusually large number of nodes. Also check for and delete any duplicate vectors.


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Re: max file size for aspire

Post by SawdustandSmoke »

You may need more ram, then again you may not. I am using a old server with 8 gigs ram and 2 processors and you can still load it down, Most of the time its because I do something crazy like take a picture of a slice of wood and tell it to trace vectors over the tree rings:) if you hit ctrl alt del and click the performance tab it will tell you how much resources you are using.

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Re: max file size for aspire

Post by Adrian »

Aspire is a 32-bit program. The most memory it can address is 2gb so you may have lots of free memory but Aspire can't use it.

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