Getting More Out of the Tool Database

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Getting More Out of the Tool Database

Post by TReischl »

My Tool Database (TD) was always "sort of" organized.

A couple of things were bothering me about the way I was using it. My organization consisted of entering the tool into the base under the proper category, that was about it. So, every time I selected a tool, I would be fiddling around setting up a new feedrate and max depth of cut. Then there was the little challenge of knowing how deep a particular tool can cut. End mills, ball nose mills and others come in a variety of lengths.

The other day it occurred to me that I could enter the same tool multiple times, and spec a feedrate/depth of cut for each one. That ends the fiddling around. To solve the knowing about DOC, it was simple, just enter it into the tool name. So here is how my TD looks now:
Tool Database.JPG
The added plus is that the description really means something now in the CNC file.

Now I can just select the tool with the correct feedrate right off the bat.

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Re: Getting More Out of the Tool Database

Post by zeeway »

Good idea. Thanks.


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