Change Default settings?????

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Re: Change Default settings?????

Post by GraClay »

TR, you are correct. The position the vectors go to are the position in which they were created. However, when you open them you can position them at zero/zero as long as you change the default settings when you are opening them.

I just want to change the DEFAULT setting when I open them from checked "use origin offset" to UNCHECKED and "centre data in job" from unchecked to CHECKED, & maybe a few other default settings as well.

As previously mentioned I have found at least one other default setting that I can change such as I prefer to have the Toolpath TAB always docked and that is now my default.

The purpose of putting it up here was to ask if anyone knows how to change the other defaults I have mentioned but so far no luck.

Maybe it can't be done which I find unusual. If the defaults are set one way then why can't I change them to the other way.

I gather from the responses here (and I am grateful for all replies) that we all have a different way of going about things with Aspire and the ability to make default changes is common with most if not all CAD programs. I must admit I mainly use Aspire for machining more so than design or layout and the reason is because I havent found all the tools that I require. There are very little changes required to make Aspire the best package but at present it lacks some of these basic tools or if the tool is there is not as efficient as I require. I started a wish list thread for 3.5 and will get another going for 4.5.
Maybe there is already a thread for that.

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Re: Change Default settings?????

Post by Leo »

I don't think it realy matters about the word - import. I think no matter how you call it - if a file is created in say ACAD - and opened in Vectric - it is imported.

I think the issue is really about how the software sets up the coordinate system.

ACAD - and Vectric set it up differently. I go back years in ACAD - but I don't think ist is really all that much different today. Does ACAD have the world coord set in the lower left --- off in space somewhere? Then when the vectors are "opened" in Vectric - the ACAD coord defaults to the offset values????

Why not just not use ACAD - and do the vector work in Vectric?

You could even create some libraries and save files with basic shapes.

Just my thoughts - probably will not help you much.
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Re: Change Default settings?????

Post by GraClay »

To explain this a little better, please look at the attached image. This is a Corel file and has many parts to it including rendering, plan etc plus the Aluminium Composite Panels all ready for export to CNC.
This file includes pretty much the whole job and will be stored forever as one file in one location. I cannot do this as shown here in Aspire and don't wish to.

More to come.....
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Re: Change Default settings?????

Post by GraClay »

When I open the file in Aspire I get the template as shown below. As most of my jobs are created this way I just want to change the defaults in Aspire.
The incoming Vectors are shown way off zero/zero as that is where they were in Coreldraw of course. But if I could change my defaults then it would default to zero zero dont use origin offset.

Note: the material thickness shown is NOT the last thickness used when I "open" a new drawing as opposed to creating a new job.

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Re: Change Default settings?????

Post by Adrian »

In versions of Aspire earlier than 4 opening a file in an external format (such as DXF, EPS etc) the Z depth would be one inch. In Aspire 4 it uses the previous value or the Z depth in the file if one is specified.

The issue of importing and opening is an important one as Aspire will behave totally differently depending on which method you are using. Using the attached example from the Aspire 3 tutorials.

If you open this file then it will use the values in the file such as offset etc to populate the Job Setup box. This is nothing to do with defaults it's using the actual values in the files as it should do.

If you create a new job with everything the way you want and then use the Import Vectors command the vectors will be placed within the existing job without regard to the settings in the file.
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Re: Change Default settings?????

Post by Ms Wolffie »

Nice little piggy, where are the other 2? :D

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Re: Change Default settings?????

Post by TReischl »

I use Corel too, for most of my drawing, just sort of grew up with it.

Programmers tend to be a bit binary (I know, I wrote laser cutter software for over 25 years). I had the same situation since I always loaded or imported files. Someone would draw them off in space, not good. My solution was to move all vectors so the lower left was 0,0. This solved lots of problems downstream like using a macro grid step and repeat routine on the machine, and nesting.

It sounds like what you really want is an option to set somewhere that shifts the vectors if it is set. That is the "third" option.

Makes sense to me since it allows an override of the "defaults".

Then there would have to be an option connected to it that would allow the user to choose between having the vectors shifted so the lower left is 0,0 or the vectors are centered about 0,0.

My experience indicates that typically in a production environment, 0,0 is best put at the lower left, not the center. That said, I use the center option all the time on my machine, but then I am not a production environment.

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