Carving Detail

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Carving Detail

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Hi Guys,
I'm a newbie with Aspire V4. I am trying to cut a 600mm x 900mm file of the Trevi Fountain in Rome for a table top. The reproduced detail of the file is poor. I'm using a screenshot as a file. Is there any way that I could correct this problem? I have tried using the smoothing and noise icon but it doesn't seem to increase the detail but in fact makes the final cut worse.
I would be pleased if anyone could head me in the right direction to help me fix this problem.

Many Thanks


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Re: Carving Detail

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It's important to start with a good image. If you Google Trevi Fountain High Definition you get a lot of good photos to choose from. Then you select a good image and save it which will be the first step to getting better results in the end.


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