Picture format acceptable to Aspire

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Picture format acceptable to Aspire

Post by neighborjim20 »

A friend sent me a pdf picture of a caligraphy project I want to carve. Can anyone tell me of a program to convert the pdf to a form Aspire will recognize? All I get is a notification that "the file probably contains only bitmap data". Or should I have him just save it all anew to the other format?

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Re: Picture format acceptable to Aspire

Post by mezalick »

Check this information from Tim Merrill

"These import commands only import files with only vector data in them. There are situations where these files can have only bitmap data or bitmap and vector data and these cannot be imported as vector files.

You need to either save the file again using a vector format or follow the advice in this FAQ:"

http://support.vectric.com/aspire-quest ... -pdf-files

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Re: Picture format acceptable to Aspire

Post by Ms Wolffie »

Open the file.
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat and can edit the file, then do a screenprint, paste the picture in your grphics progran, crop it to size and save it as either .gif .jpeg .jpg .png .tga .tif

Then you can open it in Aspire, trace it and do your cleaning up before saving the vectors.

Have fun

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Re: Picture format acceptable to Aspire

Post by FixitMike »

Photoshop Elements will import and rastorize the file. Then you can save it as a JPG to import into Aspire.
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Re: Picture format acceptable to Aspire

Post by dealguy11 »

I use the standard Windows "Snipping Tool", located in the Accessories folder, to capture parts of a screen in .jpg or .gif format all the time, both for purposes of capturing pictures I want to carve and also for taking a shot of a portion of an Aspire screen that I want to show a customer (I don't want to show all the Aspire icons, just the drawing or model). I use it so often that I moved it to the taskbar so it would be handy.
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