Fishscale Texture Tutorial

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Re: Fishscale Texture Tutorial

Post by mezalick »

John, we did it Aspire from scratch.
Pretty neat program .
Michael Mezalick

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Re: Fishscale Texture Tutorial

Post by twiztedfingerz »

Its been a few years, and I don't post a whole lot so instead of just trollin' I figured I would drop a line and let you know that this was quite useful to me. As I push forward I realize that I lack in certain departments: hands, hands, anything having to do with hands, and full "scale" models of fish. :) Thanks again!!!

Honestly, I lack in quite a number of departments - it just sounded funny that way :mrgreen:
~~ Jess ~~
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Re: Fishscale Texture Tutorial

Post by armbrusterco »

Thanks for the tutorial on the fishscale. Very well done!
Bob Armbruster

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