Using model cross section tool as an alternative to sculpting

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Using model cross section tool as an alternative to sculpting

Post by litzluth »

I recently designed a new cutaway guitar (OM style). I didn't like the look of how a Spanish heel for the neck mated to the body of a guitar, so I designed a new flatter and wider heel.

The transition area where the heel portion merged into the neck shaft was rather severe (see picture 1), so my first thought was to sculpt the edge to create a rounder transition. I dutifully baked the two components and began sculpting. While that worked (somewhat), I didn't really like the results that I was getting.

Then it occurred to me that I could perhaps use the model cross section tool to help design cross section/sweep vectors that would do the rounding for me, at exactly the right place.

In the pictures of the cross section sweep vectors below, the bottom vector was used to sweep at the sides of the heel model, and the second from the bottom created the sweep for the heel model at the center of the shaft. (and these, along with the shaft model, produced what is in picture 1). I measured on the Y/longitudinal axis using the model cross section tool from the center of the base of the heel into the transition into the shaft (that is the second from the top vector in picture 2) and then modified that profile to put in a smooth transition right where the shaft met the heel (top vector), and reswept the heel model.

The result is the final picture. Much better than trying to sculpt, and probably has lots of applications in designing better two rail sweeps.
heel shaft junction before.png
cross section sweeps.png
heel shaft junction after.png

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Re: Using model cross section tool as an alternative to sculpting

Post by Onetrack »

Very good. Seems like this process could have a lot of benefit users as you say. However for me it's a bit tricky to envisage the exact steps you took. Is it possible to post a basic/simplified Aspire file see what you did please?

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