Problem with tabs for 2 sided project

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Derrick Salmon
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Problem with tabs for 2 sided project

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Hi all

I'm using Aspire 10.5 to cut a 2-sided model for an airfoil and have followed the tutorials on 2-sided modelling using circular tabs from ClipArt. In cross section the airfoil leading edge is in the upper half of my material well away from the midplane while the trailing edge is in the lower half of the material well away from the material midplane. I would like to add tabs with a circular cross section to the leading and trailing edges centered on these edges. When I add tabs to the trailing edge using the bottom view and copy to the other side, the tabs on the top view extend through most of the top view material so rather that ending with a full round tab centered on the trailing edge I get a tall tab on the upper side connected to a half round on the bottom side. What I really want is just a full round tab cross section centered on the trailing edge. The converse applies when adding tabs to the leading edge.

If you know how to generate circular cross-section tabs centered on a detail well away from the material midplane, please let me know.



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Re: Problem with tabs for 2 sided project

Post by SteveNelson46 »

Posting an example of your file would help. You could just make the circular tabs smaller in diameter. Do they have to be exactly round? For two sided projects I usually place the tabs, component(s) to be carved, and the zero plane on separate levels. Define the components to be carved by selecting the level where the components reside instead of a vector with a boundary offset >= to the radius of the bit. Set the zero plane to about -.01 on both sides. There are other methods to avoid cutting away the tabs but this method works for me in most cases.

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