Rather large wall art piece.

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Rather large wall art piece.

Post by chapklc »

Ok, i'm using aspire, current version...
I am working on a large piece of wall art.
I want, however, to take a small piece of that and carve it first... to see if it's going to do what I want.
Is there an easy way to just take a portion and have it carve? Like i would like to print 1/16 of the actual job.

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Re: Rather large wall art piece.

Post by dealguy11 »

If you want the sample to be convenient, you can cut it out of the larger component and place it wherever is most convenient to cut. To do that, first make a copy of your job. Work on the copy.

Draw a rectangle or other 2d shape over the area you want to carve. If you have multiple components, you will need to bake them together first. Select the component and the 2d shape. Then click on "Clear area of selected component outside selected vectors". This will leave a fragment of the component that you can reposition and carve.
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Re: Rather large wall art piece.

Post by Charlie_l »

Another idea.
Make it a tile project having tiles the size you want to cut. Then only cut that one tile.
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Re: Rather large wall art piece.

Post by bobrickard »

I make a duplicate of the Aspire file. You can then change the material size to the size of the sample you want to cut and trim your design to fit the new material size. This way you've left your original design file intact.

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