Entering symbols in lines of text

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Entering symbols in lines of text

Post by johnsafety »

When making a line of text how would I easily enter a heart symbol of the same height?

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Re: Entering symbols in lines of text

Post by Adrian »

Depends on the font. Not all of them have a heart symbol. If it does you can find it in the Windows Character Map program and either copy/paste it to the Text window or enter it directly.

Otherwise you can just resize a heart vector the same size as the text and use the alignment tools to place it.

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Re: Entering symbols in lines of text

Post by FixitMike »

Alt 3 (Using the number keypad). ♥.
You can download an Alt Codes Reference Sheet from www.usefulshortcuts.com.
But, as Adrian says, it can depend upon the font.
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