Aspire V2.5 Released

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Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by BrianM »

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 2.5 of Aspire. This is a free upgrade for all existing Aspire users, as all Aspire users should be on V2.0. The upgrade is distributed as a downloadable ‘Patch’ executable, which will upgrade your existing Aspire V2.015 installation to Aspire V2.504.

Please note: This patch only works with the English language edition of Aspire 2.0.

The following PDF file documents the new features in Aspire V2.5

What's New in Aspire 2.5 PDF

The following link runs a 30 minute video showing the key new features in Aspire 2.5,

What's New in Aspire 2.5 Video

What's New in Aspire 2.5 - Download Zipped AVI >

The upgrade patch program is available by clicking on the link below


Please note that the patch will modify your existing V2 installation to be V2.504. Your existing shortcuts will now run Aspire V2.504 and your “Program Files\Aspire 2.0” folder will keep the same name but the files within it will be updated to V2.5.

If you have installed Aspire V2 into a directory other than “Program Files\Aspire 2.0” the Patch program may not be able to find it. If this is the case copy the patch program into the folder in which you installed Aspire 2.0 and run it from there.

Before saving any toolpaths from the new version, please check that you have the correct post processor selected on the “Save Toolpaths” form. As we have added new posts, the post processor displayed when the program is first run is likely to be different.

ShopBot Owners:
If you have a ShopBot, this release has some new ShopBot post processors provided by ShopBot. To avoid confusion, when you run the patch program it will move ALL your current post processors into a new folder under the PostP folder called “c:\Program Files\Aspire 2.0\PostP\ShopBot_Orig” . If you have modified your original ShopBot post or just want to return to your original, just copy it back into the PostP folder after the patch has run.
We will be sending out an email to all registered users with these links next week. You enthusiastic people who monitor the forum get to download the patch a few days early!

Aspire Trial Users:
We have updated the links on the web-site to download Aspire Trial Version 2.5

VCarve Pro V5 Customers:
We are working on the matching update to VCarve Pro V5.5 and hope to release this before Christmas.

Finally, we’d like to thank all our Aspire customers for your support and hope you enjoy the new features in this release.


NOTE: The original patch updated V2.015 to V2.503. After V2.503 was released a problem with roughing in some circumstances was identified and fixed to make the current version 2.504. If you have already upgraded to V2.503, there is a smaller patch available here ... to update your V2.503 install to V2.504

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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by Gippetto »

now i have to wait for 5 hours before i am at home to download..... :(

WOW thanks for the Christmas gift... (Sinterklaas in NL offcourse)

Just read the pdf and getting very excited..

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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by kzeyus »

Love the Trim Tool! Have been anxiously awaiting it! :D

Great software just got better!
Thanks for the update!
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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by dansfoundry »

The patch was seamless. Thanks, Happy Dan in New Mexico

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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by Fleming »

:D :D Excellent upgrade!

Has anyone modified the Mach3 post processor for use with the wrapping feature? The one that comes with the upgrade indicates for ATC which I don't have :( . I would guess that it can still be used as long as I am careful to generate each tool path separately???
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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by Larry Elliott »

BrianM, and a Merry Christmas to you and the Vectric Team. A GREAT program just got GREATER!
Now, if Santa would only bring me a few more hours to work with the new features.
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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by StuartC »

How long until the VCarve Pro upgrade?

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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by BSImages »

"VCarve Pro V5 Customers:
We are working on the matching update to VCarve Pro V5.5 and hope to release this before Christmas."

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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by zaaephod »

Can't wait to try this out :)

Just FYI, I downloaded the patch to my e:\downloads folder, and ran it from there. The patcher gave an error that it couldn't find Aspire on my PC. I renamed my aspire folder to e:\aspire v2.0 (it had still read 1.0), and I copied the patch file into the newly renamed e:\aspire v2.0 on my E: drive, and then it worked just fine.

Just in case anyone else has this problem.

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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by swaggs21 »

Thank you so much for listening on the layout requests. This definitely makes the program much easier to use, and I don't have to keep repeating pinning and such every time I open a new project or click out of the preview to edit or create a new toolpath.


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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by wcarrothers »

Rapid plunge!!!! (Others may have suggested this one but think I did as well!! so I feel cool)

Tape Splitting!!!!. Cool.. (for those of us who happen to have machines from the 80's still running in addition to our newer machines..!!!) Probably not a lot of us but those of us who do and have not had luck getting drip feeding to work well this will help..

Very cool!!!..


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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by Paul A »

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all at Vectic

Aspire 2.5 is Brilliant !!!!!

I just Love the..... The trim sissors
The T bone fillet selection
The Rapid Z moves
The toolpath notes
The 3D machining boundary
The Wrapper
Now I will have to complete my Indexer.

Thank you very much and a Merry Christmas to you all.

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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by ckurak »

Thank you for "Trim Vectors". That will improve my design time tremendously!!!!
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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by dr_when »

Thanks Vectric... Love the trim tool and the toolpath offsets and .... and...!!!! You guys are great!!!! Thanks again Tony and Brian!!!

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Re: Aspire V2.5 Released

Post by Harold_weber »

I recall bugging Tony about adding the Scissors Trim tool about a year ago. Thanks for getting around to adding it - its a real time saver. :D :D


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