Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

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Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by moto633 »

Just wanted to take a second to wish every one around here a great Holiday!

And also to THANK EVERYONE for all the help and input you have give me.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year!!!


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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by RoutnAbout »

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you to Nick, (I hope that there is pizza under the tree)

I also want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday with a Merry Christmas, And hope that next years is better than this has been. Thanks for all the help and input on the forum and the wealth of knowledge everyone has posted.
And to the Vectric Staff, Again thanks for the great software. Every day around here is like Christmas. Tony, Brian, Mark for the great support and product and allowing us to share our information about it on this forum.

And I can't forget about James Booth and his Artists, Grant Baily, Todd Baily, Paul Botes, Dale "Dasch" Schulz and Jules Wittrup for their creative models that provide.

Again Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and New year....

Thanks for starting this thread Nick...
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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by Wemme »

Hey Just want to thank everyone on the forum for all the interesting threads posts and Gallery photos this year
We can't forget Tony, Brian and Mark at Vectric for their customer support and New product roll out.

Wish everyone a happy Christmas and a safe prosperous new year.
Best Regards
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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by Butch »

Happy Holidays
Want to thank everyone for their posts. The ideas, suggestions and 'how-to-tips' are very helpful and interesting.
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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by bclark »

Happy Holiday and thanks to everyone.

I love my new software like I love my coffee.... A Latte!

Brian Clark

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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by Phil »

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday and Happy *** to cover any event I may not be aware of. :D :D :D
I check in on this forum everyday and feel that I have some good friends here and I wish them the best all year round.


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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by Greasetattoo »

Ditto to everyone!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!


P.s. gotta go shovel some snow! It's about 9º outside!
Minnesota weather....

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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by js11110 »

Same here from me! Merry Christmas- its been a pleasure working with and learning from all of you and I hope next year is even better. This is the best forum on the web. I've never met anybody personally on the forum, yet I feel I know many of you. Happy holidays everyone!

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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by Thkoutsidthebox »

Merry Christmas Everyone. Thanks for all the advice and help throughout 2008. :)

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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by CRFultz »

Merry Christmas everyone. It has been a pleasure being part of the Vectric family.


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Re: Hey Every one Happy Holidays!

Post by dman »

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Just like to thank all of you for the ideas,tips,and all around knowledge that is passed along on this forum. I, like Phil, check in daily to see what new item I can learn today. Can't forget the Vectric team for making it all possible. :lol:


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