Aspire Cannot import Ai files?

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Aspire Cannot import Ai files?

Post by gvguitars »


Me and lot of my clients use COREL DRAW as main daily vector drawing app.
Any time I want to import an illustrator file (*.ai) exported from Corel Draw, Aspire simply shows nothing (as it would be empty).
I have no problem with those files in other programs.

Is there anything possible to do about this? Will this bug ever be repaired?
It is really frustrating to always create alternate files only for Aspire.

Looking forward for your help!

Best regards,
GV guitars.

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Re: Aspire Cannot import Ai files?

Post by Adrian »

I've imported AI and EPS files from Coreldraw customers no problem in the past. Not a common format these days for me as my customers have moved on from it. SVG is the main one for me these days.

Could you attach a file that doesn't work for you?

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Re: Aspire Cannot import Ai files?

Post by mtylerfl »

Importing AI files has never been a problem for me either.

After you import, check to see if the vectors are simply out of view from your workspace by zooming out...or, immediately after import, press your F9 key to center the newly imported vectors to your workspace.
Michael Tyler

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Re: Aspire Cannot import Ai files?

Post by martin54 »

It's not a bug as such, it will be down to the import/export filters used by Adobe which they change as their software develops & don't always let 3rd party software companies know, I use to have problems with A.I files importing into my signmaking software & had to ask customers to save them as an earlier version.
That is one way to get round the import problem, save as an earlier version of Ai or do what I do which is to export as an EPS file when working between different vector programs :lol: :lol:

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