Just Because You Can. . . . .

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Re: Just Because You Can. . . . .

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I'm having a slow morning too.

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Re: Just Because You Can. . . . .

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Good speed here.

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Re: Just Because You Can. . . . .

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scottp55 wrote:
Sat Jul 11, 2020 3:29 pm
No Bill:)
6 month old Win10 computer tower and 1 yr old DSL modem directly cabled....
Just 35 yr old wire....and phone wire Ends at my pole.
If they had wired me 1/2 mile away from a bigger road....they just rewired that road...I'd be a lot better!

I could go cable company and be high speed, but they wanted $1,300 to do a STUDY for connecting me for
an estimate! Don't watch TV...so it would only be for the faster internet.....$1,300 is more than half my property tax...and a LOT of food and bits! :)
Hi Scott,
We have Hughes satellite internet at the farm (phone too). Costs about $35/mo, anywhere from 10-25 Mbps.
You might give them a call.

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Re: Just Because You Can. . . . .

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Sorry Ted:(
DO resize my pics for the old forum size, but saved as 100% quality which brought size back up.
But do send resized pics to friends(and a friend in Oz sends the deer pics to his daughter which she prints).
Too lazy to have a third category with .jpg quality lowered.

Thanks Dave!
Had satellite tv dish when the small ones first came out(mounted on an oak:) and probably had the only tent
and then trailer with sat tv while the house was being built :)
As soon as house was sided stuck it under the eave.
Had to leave house during a long divorce...and when I got back...no signal in 1999.
Called sat people and the guy came and went on the roof, some small Sugar Maples had taken off with all the new sun from creating an opening in the trees:(
He said "You can cut down all the trees in that direction for 100yards....and maybe get 10 more years..."
and then started talking about an 80' tower next to garage costs.....I didn't do either!
BUT you sparked a thought as now the pond and beaver dropped trees changed the whole sight line!
I wouldn't mind dropping a single tree into the pond....may be possible now :)
Telephone repair was just here 8 days ago.....and already had 2 days without phone,and internet dropping
offline.....they're coming tomorrow again, and THIS time are going to check internet also!
(sorry for the tangent people :oops: )
"Flatness is King!"
B. Watson


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