Modeling a Flourish (Freebie Inside)

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Modeling a Flourish (Freebie Inside)

Post by TReischl »

Been working on my modeling skills again. This one pushed me, that is for sure.

It is a half model and meant to be mirrored left to right. I modeled it in Metric. Starting to get the hang of that finally. Working with the 3D printer has forced me into it. My challenge was that when I read or heard "10 mm" I had to do a bunch of math to understand the actual size. Now I am thinking what that means in my noggin. Back to the model, it is about 100mm long and about 10 mm thick. So you might want to adjust the thickness when importing. I have carved it at 10 and 5 mm, I think it looks better at 5.

Note, I may go back into the model and eliminate the two little pieces on the right end so it does not have to be mirrored.
Snip 2.PNG
Snip 1.PNG
This is my work and as usual I hereby give my permission to use it in any way you see fit.
.!AtBXEhuw0FKsiKAqk-1 ... g?e=dflZvw

Non mirror version:
Snip 3.PNG!AtBXEhuw0FKsiKArTGE ... Q?e=aIkMEa
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Re: Modeling a Flourish (Freebie Inside)

Post by Holzarbeiter »

That is impressive. Well done!

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Re: Modeling a Flourish (Freebie Inside)

Post by mtylerfl »

Looks great, Ted!
Michael Tyler

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Re: Modeling a Flourish (Freebie Inside)

Post by highpockets »

Great job Ted!
Thanks for sharing the model....
Keep up the good work...
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Re: Modeling a Flourish (Freebie Inside)

Post by jimwill2 »

Beautiful work, as usual! Thanks for sharing.
Jim Williams

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