Michael Tyler's Love Birds

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Michael Tyler's Love Birds

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I am disappointed to see that Michael's latest free post is only useable with V10. I am sure there would be a lot of users who have not updated to V10 and would like to use this project. I won't be updating Aspire for some time due to the high cost from Australia.

Stephanie Downing
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Re: Michael Tyler's Love Birds

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Hi Mac,

We're sorry to hear you are disappointed with the compatability of our love birds project.

We do create all of our new projects, including those that come from Michael Tyler in the latest version of the software to utilise the convenience of the new features and to showcase the easiest way to create projects within the software.

We do have over 200 free projects available to download from within your V&CO account, many of which have not been created in version 10. Please do feel free to take a look through the available projects here: https://www.vectric.com/vectric-community/free-projects


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