Am I missing something in my design process?

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Am I missing something in my design process?

Post by bcurrey »

I did my first topographic cutout today of Mt St Helens. I think my machine did everything I told it to. I feel like I've got it dialed in really well.

At the end of my cut (you can see this at the bottom of the photo below) that my bit slightly cut thru my wood. It wasn't much, as it didn't cut the surface board at all.

After I stopped the cut, I took the bit back to my 0,0,0 point and it was exactly where it should have been. My board was flat, so I know there was nothing wrong with it.

Would someone be willing to look at my file to tell me how I could have known this was going to happen? In looking at the design in Aspire, I knew it was going to be thin in that section, but nothing to me looked like it would cut thru.

Appreciate the help!

Aspire File:

End Photo:

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Re: Am I missing something in my design process?

Post by highpockets »

It wasn't just close, it was very very slightly over your Material Thickness....

Reduce the height of your model just a bit more. On pine, I'd suggest at least an .125" left below the model, softwood tears easily.
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