cut depth

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cut depth

Post by lavon »

I have set cut depth from .05 thru .75 (which I don't want to cut thru) I want cut depth .5
please tell me how to set .5 depth

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Re: cut depth

Post by martin54 »

Not quite sure what you are trying to do, the pass depth that you have set in the tool database has nothing to do with cutting anything out on the machine, it is simply the depth that each pass of the tool will take as long as the material you are machining is thick enough.
If you are looking to cut something out then you would need to use a profile toolpath & set the depth you want to cut to on the toolpath form.

If you are asking questions like this then you must be quite new to CNC machining & the software, you would learn a lot by using the tutorials that are provided. Rather than just watch them download the files for each tutorial & then follow along with the video :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh the other thing is you need to learn a little about speeds & feeds, at 15000 rpm & a feed rate of 2 ipm you will do nothing but burn the tool out very quickly :lol:

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Re: cut depth

Post by highpockets »

Martin is giving you great advise.

From the pictures it looks like you are trying to create a Roughing Toolpath. First check the position of your model in relation to the material. You do that in the Material Setup under the Toolpath tab.

The two spots noting being carved by the Roughing Toolpath may not need to be rough cut, try creating a Finishing Toolpath.
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