V10 Tool Path Menu!! Thank you!!

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V10 Tool Path Menu!! Thank you!!

Post by wcarrothers »


I might admit that I have files with way to may tool paths in the list. They just accumulate..

But if i'm looking at this correctly, the list FINALLY returns it self to where you had it after closing the save toolpath menu.

where originally it used to just reset it self to the top of the tool path list..

With the way Vectric emphasizes work flow I always found the fact that any list I had to scroll things back to where they were when they re-appeared rather then going back to where I left it was just so annoying.

Hopefully others are seeing the same thing I am. I have been wishing the program would improve in these nitpickey interface areas for a long time..

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Re: V10 Tool Path Menu!! Thank you!!

Post by AdamJ »

We tried really hard this release to focus on areas of the software which were sources of frustration for people. So there are lots of little improvements that don't really make a big splash but hopefully make working with the software that bit easier.

For example, I don't know if you noticed but the toolpath tab can be resized for those longer toolpath names.

Also, I like that you can now select all the toolpath a that use a particular tool quickly.

It is nice when that is noticed, so thank you :)

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