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Post by TReischl »

My lovely wife tells me that is a word no one uses anymore.

Anyway, the holidays are not that far away so I thought I would share this one:
Bauble II.JPG!AtBXEhuw0FKsiIMLfYn ... A?e=WVD4qi
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Re: Bauble

Post by scottp55 »

Thanks Ted!! :)
Mom was just over to deliver my house stain...and sneaking around for little things for Christmas ornaments(normally snags half dozen "Scraps", and says;
"can you cut this to a &^&*()( shape, and put a hole in it" :)
Looks good for gluing old button leftover scrap together of contrasting woods for a two tone!
Thank you!!

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Re: Bauble

Post by Bob Jr »

Thank you Ted,
That's Baubleriffic!

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Re: Bauble

Post by SteveNelson46 »

Cool bauble! Even if we are showing our age by using the term. Thanks Ted.

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Re: Bauble

Post by highpockets »

Thank you Ted!!!

You're getting really good at that modeling thing.
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