Terminology of sign design

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Terminology of sign design

Post by prevel »

Is there a website where one can go to learn the terminology of sign design? yea I know seems like an odd question but I am sure all the elements I see on signs have a name. For instance I will post this sign ( for no particular reason except it was the first one I found I liked)
For instance the word signs has a red outline around it so I quess that would be called an outline. I have also seen the term inline used.
There is a black background on the word sign, looks like a drop shadow but fills in the holes of the text so is it a drop shadow or called something else?
There are other elements to this sign I am not sure what to call, but where could a person learn this style? Is this even a style?
I am sure some of the terminology is also used in the vinyl sign business as well but just looking to learn and it's hard to learn when your not sure what search term to use.

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Re: Terminology of sign design

Post by mtylerfl »

Here is at least a starting point... a link to a glossary of text terminology, but might have some useful application for sign making:

https://www.adobe.com/products/type/ado ... ssary.html




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Re: Terminology of sign design

Post by Adrian »

If it's anything like most industries there will be several different terms for the same thing depending which country you live in and then which part of that country you live in. :)

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Re: Terminology of sign design

Post by Savannahdan »

This site has some terminology: https://www.sign-age.com/resources/glossary.html

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Re: Terminology of sign design

Post by martin54 »

As Adrian says there are often different names for the same things & the other problem I find is that someone trained s a Graphic Designer may have another name again :lol: :lol:
Might be worth you registering with a sign making forum or even just having a browse about a few just to see what you can pick up. Might be best to find one on your side of the pond which I can't help with sorry. I have been working with vinyl & digital print for almost 20 years but Im in the UK. I use this forum which is pretty friendly, its uk based but does have members from around the world. :lol: :lol:


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