Nesting - toolpath bug in 9.5?

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Nesting - toolpath bug in 9.5?

Post by fredfow3 »

Hey all,

I have setup toolpaths on layers for a part using vector selection and checking associate toolpath. When I go to nesting and all the parts fit on one sheet, I can regen toolpaths and all is fine, each copy gets the correct paths. If it spills over to more than one sheet, all the toolpaths get lost and regenerating just gives errors. One sheet, no problem, 2 or more no good.

Anyone else see this problem?



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Re: Nesting - toolpath bug in 9.5?

Post by Adrian »

You have to generate the toolpaths for each sheet as you use them. The toolpaths only ever apply to the default sheet. You can't generate all the toolpaths for all the sheets in one go unless you use the Apply Template to All Sheets gadget -

By default the Select Sheets when Edit Toolpath option is set to Yes in Options which means that whenever you edit a toolpath the program will automatically switch to that sheet. Personally I always switch that off as I find it confusing to have it switch like that but it depends on your workflow.

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