Anyone interesting in making a box?

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Anyone interesting in making a box?

Post by lockeyone »

I used to make precision level storage boxes. Long got away from that. I have a guy in San Antonio, TX wanting me to make another custom box but I don't have the time to do it. He has been asking for over a year but my business is just not slowing down. So I asked him if I could see if anyone down in Texas was looking for a project. He was pretty good at getting me the dimensions and sending the wood he wanted me to carve. Just a good exercise using Vectric products.
Contact me if interested and I will forward your name.
Attached are some preview test images.
Finished box
Finished box
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Re: Anyone interesting in making a box?

Post by Xxray »

Interesting, might want to post on the shopbot and cammaster forums, both have guest posting if you are not a member.

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Re: Anyone interesting in making a box?

Post by TReischl »

Is there any reason that the person who does the cutting needs to be in TX?

I personally am not interested in doing it, but you might get more responses. Ever since they invented the post office. . . . :D
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Re: Anyone interesting in making a box?

Post by jarm2 »

I am in north central Idaho and would be interested in making his boxes depending on time frame and price. My machine is down right now, but should be back on line by next year. I will be looking for more things to do then. I have made a number of different types of boxes and looking at the sample, it should be fairly easy to accomplish. I can use UPS or USPS for sending materials back and forth.
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