Vectric Newsletter & V&CO Portal Update

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Vectric Newsletter & V&CO Portal Update

Post by Stephanie Downing »

If you are signed up to receive the Vectric monthly newsletter, today you will have seen the launch of 'In labs with Beki' a brand new initiative to bring you free monthly projects courtesy of one of our top Application Engineers as well as the release of our first 'partner project' from Tim Sway and much more!

(If you're not signed up to the newsletter you're missing out! Sign up here

You may have also noticed that we have updated your V&CO portal to include all of the free content and projects available to you. We've put everything in one place so that it's easy for you to access and download the free project files and instructions. All of the projects come with an easy to follow video and include hints and tips as well as oop's moments that will hopefully prevent you from making our mistakes :D

Let us know what you think below and post your version of our free projects here too, we love to see our designs come to life around the world.

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Re: Vectric Newsletter & V&CO Portal Update

Post by sharkcutup »

I noticed in the labs - Moonlight lamp

It says it is V-Carve compatible yet there are no .crv files only files for ASPIRE

One on One V-Carve Help is Available!!!
PM me for details!
V-Carve 10.512

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