Diamond Drag Bit

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Diamond Drag Bit

Post by fredfow3 »

Hey all,

Any suggestions on a good diamond drag bit? There are a few out there and was wondering if anyone had a comment. Also, does Aspire support Drag Knife's for vinyl cutting?



rig gap
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Re: Diamond Drag Bit

Post by rig gap »

I've been playing with the idea of a vinyl cutter, and instead of a diamond drag knife, I got a "CBO9" blade holder and an assortment of carbide blades on Amazon. I made an adaptor to hold the cbo9 and attach it in place of my dust collector.
I used V-carve pro to design a simple stencil to test on a scrap piece, and it worked perfectly the first time. The cbo9 is adjustable for cutter "stick out", and I made mine so it floats against the surface of the vinyl so any variation in the surface (table, etc.) doesn't affect the cut. The cutter blades are 30,45, and 60 deg. angled. I used the 45 deg. without having to create a corner rotation move because the blade is so small diameter.

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Re: Diamond Drag Bit

Post by John Murphy »

I have been using the Widget Works vinyl knife and diamond drag tools for years.

Both are well made(the diamond drag tool could be a little tighter for my personal preference) and I've had years of trouble free service from both.

Yes, they do seem a little pricey, but they are professional grade, and they've paid for themselves many times over.


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Re: Diamond Drag Bit

Post by Xxray »

No need to go into sticker shock, this one IMO is as good or better than anything out there

http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-4-DIA-DIAMOND ... Zz3dSMEE6g

[might want to buy a couple extra tips with the $$ you save] - They last almost forever, depending on how much you use them and on what material, eventually they will wear down.

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