James is moving on!

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Roly »


Wishing you all the best in the future but keep in touch with this community that thinks so highly of you.

From Batlow

Barry Anderson
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Barry Anderson »

I met you at this years McGrew Camp. Thank you for your willingness to help folks like me. Best wishes for your new adventure.
Barry Anderson

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by gbanet »

Best of luck, James! Thanks for all you've done.

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by ohiococonut »

Thank you for all you've done. I'm certain there are many of us that would not have accomplished what we have without your help.
Best wishes for whatever your future endeavors may be.

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Roskrow »

James, I am new to Vectric, and Aspire. I was at the User Group in September and REALLY apreciate all you have done, and do.
Since then we have had a few emails.

Personally I will miss you very much, and really do wish you a fantastic futurein whatever direction you choose to go.

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by sluggo »

That is sad news - I've learned so much from reading your posts and watching your videos. You certainly made a difference in the quality of my work. You will definitely be missed by the Vectric community.

My best to you in your future endeavors!


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Re: James is moving on!

Post by zeeway »


Thank you...for being James, and all the excellent instruction you have given with your ever present humour (please notice the U.K spelling). All the best for an interesting and creative future. We will miss you.


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Re: James is moving on!

Post by dldecker »

Good Luck James, you might be gone but your videos live on. :mrgreen:
You have been and still are a inspiration to all of us

Dana Decker
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by CrowsWW »


Best of luck James I hope your future brings you many blessings and joy. Thanks for all the help and the tutorials I would not be where I'm at with the C&C without all your tutorials.
Troy Crow
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Trock »

Hi James,

I've really enjoyed watching your tutorials and felt they are so calming and easy to listen to over and over. You have a way of sharing your skills with the details explained in a way I will miss. You tend to exand on the tutorials by encouraging an individuals inspiration with nudges of "what if" Thanks....

I was just watching your tips from the 2016 session. It was the first I was able to put a face to your voice in the tutorials. Thanks for that.

Best wishes on your new journey. Hope you check back in and share more of your tips.


Jane Ndungu
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Jane Ndungu »


Waooo............ thou i never met you personally i feel like i know you for the many times i got help and guidance from you.
May be it would not be a bad idea for you to come for holiday in Kenya before getting your hands on the next journey :).
here we say "Kwaheri" and wish you all the best.
looking forward to get on board with the new baby.

Kind regards

Mick Martin
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Thank you James

Post by Mick Martin »

All the best James and thank you for all the hard work and help you have provided.
Mick Martin
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by TReischl »

Always enjoyed James posts. I, like everyone else will miss him.

Best of luck to you James!
"If you see a good fight, get in it." Dr. Vernon Jones

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by CarveOne »

I wish you all the best in your search for a new future. I have been honored to get to know you first hand at the McGrew Woodworks camps during the past few years. Let us know what you are doing every now and then.


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Re: James is moving on!

Post by RobertD »


People far more eloquent than me have had a go of summing up what you meant to us as users and the whole CNC community at large. You will be both missed and remembered for the many things that you have done.

All I can do to add to the string of comments is wish you the best in the future with an old Nautical saying "May you have Fair winds and following seas" all the best is well deserved.

Bob Dymock

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