James is moving on!

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Bob Jr
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Bob Jr »

Because of your work and assistance I have been able to create an amazing amount of devices that have gotten me into, and out of trouble. Keep having fun with your future adventures!
I'm curious to see what you are up to next...
Thank you,
"Be accurate."
W. Tell

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by calgrdnr »

Wow never would of thought Vectric with out James ... Even when he wasn't part of Vectric we thought he was :D

James I will miss your help and sense of humor, good luck in your future endeavors


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Re: James is moving on!

Post by jimwill2 »

James, you will be missed! I really enjoyed spending time with you at a couple of McGrew's camps. Good luck in the future.
Jim Williams

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by pappybaynes »

James I feel privileged to have met you this year at McGrews and then again in Orlando just a few weeks ago! Your training, humor, and dedication to all of us has been awesome. If I ever get to England we can grab our top hats and go to Ascot with my stuffy sister!! Best of wishes and Godspeed.
Dick Baynes

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by dhellew2 »

Remember everything I said in Orlando, and keep in touch. Dale
You will get old if you live long enough!


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Re: James is moving on!

Post by IslaWW »

Thank you for what you have done for this community in general, and for the help you have given me in particular. You will be missed.
Gary Campbell
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by dbrook »


You will never know the extent of the tremendous impact you have had on so many across the globe. It has been a real pleasure knowing you and I can't say enough about how much I have learned from your sessions at the user group meetings and at the McGrew camps. I still have much to learn but you have certainly changed my life in a most positive way.

You will certainly be missed. I wish you the very best and I know you will successful in whatever you do next.


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Re: James is moving on!

Post by ChiloquinRuss »

Wow, you will be missed. As an instructor it is always hard to gauge if you are getting though to your students. When a lot of that instruction is done remotely through outstanding videos it is even harder. Having worked in the Vectric booth for several west coast shows and listening to YOUR students telling how they use the software and how they learned to use it, I can guarantee you got through. As I said, you will be missed!

As a side note I can't remember do I still owe you a brew or is it the other way around! :D Russ
AKA: The Train Guy!

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by mikeacg »

Don't know what to say that hasn't already been said but I do want to say Thank You for everything!!! You will be missed...

Mike :(

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Desert_Woodworker »

James- I learned sooooooooooooooo much from your training video's thanks. I also appologize for "cussing" you out, privately at my computer, when I couldn't join vectors. Only to find out it was my short coming :(

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by mtylerfl »

Hi James,

I am excited for you and look forward to learning what you decide to pursue for this "next chapter" of your very creative life! Whatever "it" is (and it may be several things), I'm sure it will be interesting, enjoyable and productive. I wish you and your family all the best in your new venture.

Thank you for everything you do! You are an inspiration to us all.
Michael Tyler



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Re: James is moving on!

Post by garylmast »

When I needed a model for the Dashboard carving I did for my Model A Ford, you came up with exactly what I need. Good luck in your new venture. Gary

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Paul_n »


I can only repeat what has been stated about, and share in all the feelings about you,
but I'd also like to add, that Joyce & I see you and family, as a personal friend, and can
only request that you remain in contact, and let us know & share in the new season
of your life !!!

Best To You, and May God Bless Your Efforts !!

Paul & Joyce

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Timvmax »

James, I can only add to what's already been said by letting you know how you've helped.
I tried several CAD CAM packages before Aspire. I was very close to giving up.
Your explanations and tutorials got me where I am today and for that my Family, Pets, Colleagues, motorcycles, vans, cars, Friends and various purveyors of CNC hardware thank you.
Good luck in whatever you do next.
You will succeed in whatever you decide to do, you have that way about you, but above all you are a Gentleman and it's been a pleasure to know you.
Many thanks. Tim.

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Xxray »

wow never saw that coming but all things come to an end.
You are a very knowledgeable and helpful guy ,, If your tutorials are being replaced by the girl with the sweet voice that will ease the blow a little bit !

Best of luck, Doug

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