James is moving on!

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by JamesB »

I'm very grateful and humbled by all the kind comments on this thread. It would be hard to put into words how much I've enjoyed the last 10+ years of direct and indirect involvement with Vectric. One of the main reasons is the unusually large number of nice people who seem to be Vectric customers. There are too many to name-check everyone but its been a pleasure both on the forum and in person at the User Groups, camps, trade shows etc. The enthusiasm for the software and CNC has always been infectious and inspiring. Although I might not be around as much on the forum I'm hoping that if I can sort out a place to put it a small CNC then I'll be making the ideas currently swilling around in my brain into reality and post some of the results here.

With regard to moving-on I'll miss a lot about working at Vectric but am ready to do something new, not sure what that is yet and I look forward to some time-out and doing a lot of reading, running, research and thinking before I decide - I do know that if my future involves other business ventures then I can only hope to get close to how Vectric operates both in terms of quality of product but also how it does business too. I would like to extend a personal thanks to Brian for the opportunity, challenge and fun of the last 5 years and look forward to continuing our friendship outside of work. Vectric have a great team in place and I'm going to enjoy watching how the company evolves over the next 5 years and beyond, I've no doubt it will be with continued success.

Thanks again for all the good wishes!

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by MarkJohnston »

James I've been away from the forum but have to say what a pleasure isn't' been knowing you. I think a lot of us were listing to your tutorials and thought of you as a friend even when you didn't know us.

It kind of leaves a hole that I know will be filled but I think there is only one James.

Good luck to you my friend.


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Re: James is moving on!

Post by buck4 »

James; I wish you the very best now and in your future, this includes your family. I consider to be lucky, when you came to my small shop in Michigan for an Aspire Group. Also thankful for the custom 3D profiles you have done for me.
You will be missed by many in the Aspire world, but then something tells me, we have not heard the last from James Booth.
God Bless and Best Regards

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by ajcoholic »

All the best in the future, James. I am sure whatever you decide to do, it will be done well and you'll be a success.

Thanks for all your help in the past several years, your friendliness and willingness to entertain "dumb" questions by people such as myself! It was always a pleasure to speak to you in person.

Best of luck in your, and your family's future!

Andrew Coholic

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by dmidkiff »

I'm glad to have met you. Wish you the best at your next adventure.

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Ms Wolffie »

I have been away for a while and this was quite a shock to read.
However, I am certain this is a farewell not a goodbye.
I am going to miss your distinctive Pommie voice and your willingness to help us when we got into a muddle.
Take care and enjoy whatever you are going to do in the future.
Cheers from OZ.

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by fixtureman »

Best of luck and it was a real pleasure meeting you and picking your brain. I still never figured out why if I do a litho in Photo v carve that it takes so much longer to render when I set zero to the material to the bottom than when I set it the top. Will miss you good luck again and stay on the forum

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