James is moving on!

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James is moving on!

Post by BrianM »

Hi Everyone,

Although we don't usually make announcements when members of staff leave Vectric, there are a few people who have been such an integral part of the company that I feel we must give every member of the Vectric family a chance to say goodbye. As anyone who attended either of our user group meetings this year will be aware, my great friend James Booth has decided to in his own words ...
'' take some time out and think about what I might do next after 20+ years in the same industry. I have no idea what might be in my future but I am looking forward to the process of deciding what it is"
I have had the immense pleasure of working with James for well over 20 years and when Tony McKenzie and I founded Vectric back in 2005 we collaborated very closely with James and his company VectorArt 3D right from the start. James played a huge role in creating and developing Aspire, both by suggesting features and also providing almost all the training materials for Aspire (and later all the other products) which have been such an essential part of their success. When Tony retired from Vectric back in 2011, James moved back to the U.K when we purchased VectorArt 3D. It has been a great 5 years and Vectric has gone from strength to strength with James being a very important part of the team here. James obviously leaves some very big shoes to fill, but he has developed an excellent team who share his exceptional values and are ready to take on his responsibilities.

I personally, along with everyone else at Vectric wish him all the best for the future and we look forward to seeing what he does next - we have no doubt that it will be interesting! We are also sure he won't be able to stay away from the equipment in the Vectric labs for too long either...


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Re: James is moving on!

Post by PaulRowntree »

James, I wish you the best of luck in your next adventure, and please stay in touch with the group that you helped to create and foster.
Paul Rowntree
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Bob Reda »

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose. It has been a great pleasure to meet and get to know you. Stay in touch, you will be missed.


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Re: James is moving on!

Post by mezalick »

Best of luck James in what ever road you go down..

I'll certainly miss our "Airport" chats....

Thanks for all the help and support you've given to me.

I'm sure we'll meet again.

Michael Mezalick

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Turtle49 »

James, you will be missed. I certainly wish the best of luck and success in any endeavor you choose in the future.

Be well,
Tim Hornshaw

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by grumpysod »

wishing you all the best for the future James

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by scottp55 »

Best wishes and good luck in whatever you do James!!!
Thanks for teaching me CNC in absentia with the tutorials :)
Don't think I'd have done half as well without them!
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by cac67 »

Good luck James, I wish you success in whatever the future holds.

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Leo »

James, I wish all the best to you. You are such a great resource and innovator, I am sure that whatever you decide to do, it will be fantastic.
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by GaryR6 »

Onward and upward........best wishes and let us know where you land.

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by Rcnewcomb »

- Randall Newcomb
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by martin54 »

Best of luck Chris, or James as he seems to prefer, no idea why I ever called him Chris :lol: :lol: :lol:

While I have never actually met James I have watched a lot of his tutorials & read a lot of the posts he has made, enough to be able to say that he has been a tremendous help & influence in my cnc journey to date.

Wish you all the best in your search for your next challenge in life, above all be happy in what you do :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by cabnet636 »

I tried to post but the messgae from the forum was It contained too few Characters..........


We had some great "Camps" 8 of them in all And to think it all started with a little Fish !
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Re: James is moving on!

Post by COWBOY1296 »

Best of luck to you and you have been a big help to me personally more than once.

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Re: James is moving on!

Post by sylvan356 »

Best of luck, James! Words cannot express how much I have learned from you!!

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