Cleaning Techniques

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Cleaning Techniques

Post by mzongkers »

Was just curious what some others routines were for cleaning and lubricating there CNC? Anything helps I just want to find the best way to take care of my machine. Thanks.

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Re: Cleaning Techniques

Post by Adrian »

Shopbot do a maintenance schedule document for theirs which I stick to -

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Re: Cleaning Techniques

Post by Will Williamson »

I use Boeing Product to clean and protect the spindle.
It come in a 3 part kit, one for rust and stain, one for gum and pitch removal and one metal protect-ant
. I order that from Vortex tool. I now, use it on everything in the shop.
and WD 40 to wipe down the whole machine. My Thermwood tracks maintenance and notifies me.
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Re: Cleaning Techniques

Post by sailfl »

I use T-9 developed by Boeing. I think it is better than WD-40. You can buy T-9 in a lot of places.

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Re: Cleaning Techniques

Post by rig gap »

I vacuum and blow the dust and chips, then I spray the leadscrews and nuts with dry teflon spray to cut down on friction, then polish any rusty spots with an extra fine scotchbrite pad, and finally rub down the steel rails with a rust preventative and a shop is not heated or cooled, so I have to do taht pretty regularly.

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